GL.iNet Wifi router vs Carambola 2

Finally I found the perfect hardware configuration for my router: 2 Ethernet ports, Wifi and USB. My idea is to create an router which also have the posibility to connect on GSM (ZTE modem in the USB port) and also let me build an Ethernet Condom for my Malware/Hacking experiments. First, I found only very expensive hardware which allowed me to build this from modules (Eg. And after some researches I just found Carambola 2 which was expensive (+ transport, case and antena), but clearly much cheap than boards from Router Boards. Anyway, I get a Carambola 2 + RP SMA Female (Male Pin) to U.FL (IPX) + 2.4GHz 18dBi 2400~2500MHz RP-SMA Vertical Antenna at ~ 60$, but searching for antenna and cable I found another device, which seems is the same as Carambola 2, but more cheaper: GL.iNet Wi-Fi Router. I spoted 2 main diferences between them, RF part is not protected on GL.iNET and GPIO ports are only 5 comparing with Carambola which have 23. In rest both have the same specs:

  • CPU: AR9331, 400 MHz
  • Memory: 16 MB Flash and 64 MB DDR2 RAM
  • Wifi: 802.11 bgn
  • Ethernet: 2x
  • USB: 1x v2.0
  • Software: Preinstalled OpenWrt
From now on I will search on Chinese sites before buying any embedded.

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