Onion Pi

Do you want to anonymize your internet requests? Then you can build a Onion Pi. Onion is just a router with tor support based on Raspbery Pi and a USB WIFI Adapter. If you don't have time to build your own, the guys from adafruit, have some of this gadgets on stock, for $89.95 ... pretty expensive..

KeyGrabber USB Keylogger

An easy to use keylogger. It comes in 2 variants: 8MB (8 milion keystrokes) or 2GB (2 billion keystrokes). Is completely transparent, plug and play. It's memory is protected with an 128bit encryption. The 2GB variant costs...

LPC-Link 2 - JTAG Debugger

A very cheap JTAG debugger what can be adapted to support multiple development tools. You just need to update it's firmware to know another IDE/development tool. Available firmware images include: J-Link by Segger (only for ARM based NXP devices) CMSIS-DAP by..

Mining Bitcoins with XFX HD 7950 Core Edition 800MHz 3GB DDR5

Mining bitcoins? This graphic card is a good choice for a good price. Is capable of 450MH/s and probably more if is overclocked. Down bellow I will list other other graphic cards what are not necessarlly cheaper, but are better that 7950. Note: I didn't test the graphic card myself, but according

Power Analysis for Cheapskates

One of the best presentation at BlackHat Europe this year, in my opinion, was Power Analysis for Cheapskates. A lot of people are trying to find a way to simplify mathematics behind cyphers to brute force easily, but this is not the case. Power analysis is profiling routines required to...

Pwn Pad from Pwnie Express

A $200 (Google Nexus 7) tablet with 3 accessories and 2 operating systems (Android and Ubuntu) sold at $795. Hmmm it's a little bit expensive .... don't you think? Anyway, the guys from Pwnie Express, give the sources and everything else, so if you already have the $200 tablet you can do build it..